Cosplay Time~

Cosplay Time~

Ok, sorry for being inactive ^_^”
Anyway, I almost have enough money to buy a wig ❀
Hatsune Miku ❀ (Well, I'd go with Gumi next time)
Having trouble where to buy wigs though ._.


Luka Megurine~

Luka Megurine~

It’s not the best Luka Megurine costume but, I tried.. =_=

You see, the costume isn’t accurate because we wanted to make a “Hello, How are you?” live action video and wanted to make Luka the fairy (or something)

(The video isn’t done yet)

Gaah, this is embarrassing.. >_<

Pinoy Otaku Festival 2013~ (Starmall)

I had a fun time at that con.

Since it’s the last anime con I’ll attend to in the Philippines, I had to have fun to the fullest.

I portrayed Haruhi Suzumiya there. πŸ™‚ (Well, it’s not the best costume ever but, I tried. >_<)

The only thing that disappointed me was that the venue is too small.. 😦

I could only buy from a few stands.. well, it was still fun. πŸ˜€

I bought all the things I could buy since I’m leaving this country soon.

It’s more fun in the Philippines. πŸ™‚

I’ll come back someday and attend cons here again.

Gumi Megpoid problem >_<

Gumi Megpoid is one of my favorite Vocaloids. (She was in my cosplay list since.. forever!)


What’s confusing me is.. what version should I cosplay?

I like her Panda Hero version.. I also like her Ah It’s A Wonderful Cat Life version..

Also her Happy Synthesizer version..

Her normal clothing too… GAAAAAAAHH!!

It’s too confusing! >_<

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Haha, this series is really full of ecchi scenes. >_<
It's full of ecchi jokes and seemed like some sort of h-hentai.

I'm confused if this is Anime or Cartoons. The art is cartoon-like.

I don't even know why I watch this but, it's really addicting.

Though almost the whole series is about non sense, I still watched it because of no reason. xD

Stocking is REALLY adorable. xD

Well, for Panty… I don't know. O_O"

Now, Stocking is in my cosplay list. πŸ™‚

My Sudden Interest

I don’t know.

All of a sudden, I wanted to look like those kawaii Japanese girls with cute hairstyles.

Obviously, It’s impossible for me since my face looks so mature and my hair is black. (gothic)

So even if I’m not goth, I usually wear Black, it just suits me better than Pink and Purple. >_>

(But seriously, I want to be girly)


I wanted to tie up my hair into pigtails and wanted to wear skirts.. What’s wrong with me?!

The effect of anime?! o_O